Sana Famous Pakistani Actress

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Sana is lollywood film heroine .She have successful film career .She is beautiful and very good actress .Sana is one of the more successful Punjabi/Urdu film heroines of Pakistan. She started her showbiz career as TV actress. .She was introduced in Lollywood by director Syed Noor in his hit film Sangam in 1997.She was soon accepted in film circles due to her amicable nature. She worled with famous Pakistani actor and director Javed Shiekh who trust on sana very much .Sana is very popular in Pakistan . Sana's Movie with Moammar Rana film Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa, directed by Javed Sheikh was a super hit film .Sana film movies are very papulor and she is in demand now .She also received offers from bollywood

Jia Ali is a model and an actress. She is heroine of lollywood. Gia Ali started off at an early age of nineteen and within no time achieved star status in the glamour world. Jia Ali is a very pretty girl . She is very talented actress .She puts in hundred per cent efforts in her work .Jia Ali acted in several movies that consolidated her success at the top. But Jia. Ali loves modeling more than movies,Gia Ali is one of Top models in Pakistan..You can see some beautiful pictures of sexy Jia Ali .
Jia Ali Filmography

* Deewane Tere Pyar Ke
* Nakhra Gori Ka
* Ghar Kab Aao Gay
* Dil Deewana Hai
* Rukhsati

Veena Malik is a Pakistani Film , Television actress and model. Veena Malik was born in Bhakkar Pakistan.she came to Lahore town with lot of dreams Her dreams came true when she met Jarar Rizvi, Who helped her to start her career.Veena is very talented actress and very good model.Veena malik is beautiful and attractive .Veena malik very sexy figure
Veena Malik nude photo shoot scandel was upset her very much . These nude photos was not her . About her nude photo shoots circulating on the Internet, annoyed Veena said, "The photo-shoot you are mentioning is the part of anti-Veena campaign by my opponents in the film industry. I never went for a nude-shoot. Those are fake pictures. I am not bothered about them since those are not my photographs.Veena Malik is also very good compare.

Zara Sheikh-Pakistani Actress and Supermodel

Friday, March 12, 2010 |

Zara Sheikh is a pakistani Model and actress .Zara Sheikh born May 7, 1978 in Lahore..Zara began her career as a model while she was still a relatively young student.Zara Sheikh is a successful model who was well known in the world of fashion well before she made her debut in feature films.She made her debut on billboards across Pakistan as the "JaZZ Girl" for Pakistan's leading cellular service provider - Mobilink GSM. The add campaign became an instant hit, and she began appearing on JaZZ commericials on Television and in newspapers and magazines. She received many offers from Film Directors, however chose to make her debut in Hassan Askari's Tere Pyaar Mein .When Tere Piyar Main, was released. And by the time the movie hit cinema halls, she was already a star. Her stunning looks and polished style were refreshing and Zara had sufficient acting skills to please the audiences.Zara's talent and hard work has resulted in her becoming one of Pakistan's top actresses in a short period of time.Zara considered to be one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Pakistani cinema .She is Is single and lives in Lahore with her parents

Pakistani Drama Actress-Saira Khan

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Saira Khan is a film and television actress in Pakistan. Saira Khan is beautiful and very attractive actress.She came from Multan .She started her film career in 1998 with "Ehsaas" . After some time she also start working in Televions Programmes .Now she is more busy with TV serials .

Reema Khan is a very popular Pakistani film actress .She was born (born October 27, 1971 at Multan .During the start of her career, she was known as Reema, but later on she was known also as Reema Khan..She debuted as an actress in the film Bulandi, directed by Mohammad Javed Fazil in 1990.It was super Hit Film on box office .Bulandi helped Reema to stick in Lollywood .She was most successful Film Heroine of 90s. Reema is very good actress and as well as very good film dancer .Beacuse of many super movies during 90's Reema achieved the status of one of the top actresses of Lollywood..She inspired Pakistani film viewers due to her acting.. In 2005, she introduced herself as a producer and director with the film Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. Its got very good response from viewers .Reema is very beautiful and talented actress with perfect sexy figure . Reema is looking so beautiful in her photos .

Pakistani Television Actress Sadia Imam

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Sadia Imam is Pakistani Television actress and model .She is a very popular actress .She is the most sought after and the most frequently found face in every other Drama Serial. Sadia has not only played various roles in Drama Serials and Long Plays but has also participated as a model in commercials. She is very talented actress .Sadia Imam is one of the most attractive female artists found in Pakistani showbiz. Sadia Imam is a gorgeous young woman. Actress Aliya Imam is her sister .Sadia Imam is a very good person and versatile actress . She have is very popular in Pakistan.